Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How Does this Sound for an Engagement Announcement?

Cindy and Matt are getting married and boy are they excited. Well, with the exception of the American wedding industry, parents holding the checkbook, and 500 pp. wedding planners full of useless information.

A January 2009 wedding is hoped for but next weekend in Mexico is sounding just grand right about now.

Hi, I'm Cindy. Over the next year, I'll be documenting the ups and downs of planning a wedding as a 30-year-old, agnostic, minimalist whose parents are old, hyper-traditional, Catholics.

Matt and I got engaged December 1, 2007 and have had no success in finding a venue, setting a date, or even really considering anything other than heading to a resort in Mexico with our oldest friends and our parents. Oh and the parents, they don't like that so much.

So here's to making it happen and trying to remember that it's the rest of my life to which I am looking forward, even if it means I have to do the fucking chicken dance.