Wednesday, April 30, 2008


1) The first dance. Not doing it. We went back to that Modest Mouse song we liked so much and decided we didn't like it after all. I said to Matt, "I really don't want to do this. Can't we just eat and drink and not do all of the stupid traditional bullshit? I would like to cut the cake and have a toast but that's it, really." He thought that was a most excellent idea.

2) Tuxedo? Matt is going to wear one. I'm excited about this because Matt looks smoking hot in a tuxedo. He puts the ass in classy.

3) I decided to carry a small bouquet of ivory roses. My grandfather recently passed away and he loved roses so much. He had the most wonderful gardens. I miss him so much and feel like this would be the perfect way to honor him.

4) I decided to wear the shoes I wore to my matron of honor's wedding. I was her maid of honor. Simple, gold ballet flats. They look cute with my dress and can be my something old.

5) I took my dress out of the closet today and ran my hands over it. It's so simple and pretty and in every way perfectly me. I'm really looking forward to wearing it. Me, wearing a dress! It happens so rarely.

I'm enjoying planning this wedding. It's fun to plan a non-traditional, traditional wedding (if that makes sense). I feel lucky to live in an age when society has loosened it reigns enough that I can plan a really nice wedding that suits mine and Matt's personalities. I'm all for tradition, heck that's why I'm getting married, but like most everything in my life I'd like to do it my way.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The $1000 Honeymoon

Can I do it? Yes I can!

So all that excitement about Iceland? Well, I decided I am just NOT up for all of that traveling to stay there for only a week. A trip like that deserves at least two weeks and some puddle jumping to the mainland. Matt's business is in a serious growth spurt and it's not easy for him to walk away for that long even in January. We'll see the world once he hires an employee or two. After all, we are young. We've got nothing but time.

So, on the bookshelf at work, I saw a couple of B&B guides for the Mid-Atlantic region so I brought them home for perusal. I found a few nice areas to consider that are within a five-hour drive so I started digging deeper. Several days and many internet searches later, I found the perfect little B&B in the Hudson Valley. It's priced right and I am totally in love with one of the rooms. In addition, there are tons of wineries, breweries, and great restaurants in the area. Cross country skiing, historic sites to visit, etc.

The price for four nights is $600 plus tax. That leaves us $400 in travel expenses, entertainment, and dining. Since breakfast is included and they serve cookies and beverages all day long, I think we can make that work and we can have a few nice days enjoying each other's company. The sweetest part for me is knowing we can afford to return to celebrate anniversaries if we so desire. While I'm not a huge sentimentalist, stuff like that makes me happy! Happy!

So if Matt is down with it, I think we'll get this booked and check one more item off the list. Hooray!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Green It Up

Ladies and gentlemen, please purchase a wedding TerraPass to help offset your wedding's carbon footprint.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I like this photographer and think I am going to hire him.

In other news, Matt asked his friend Mike to be the best man today. Mike was totally floored and honored to do so. Good times, folks. Good times.