Thursday, March 20, 2008


The invites were an awesome find and are totally not what I ever would have thought I wanted. Funny how everything in this wedding is turning out to be full of things I never thought I would want but every detail is perfect.

My matron-of-honor and I went to Target to browse their stationary and, low and behold, we discovered a clearance sale. Ladies, I repeat CLEARANCE SALE. I purchased my invites for $4.98/box. Each box came with 25 invitations, envelopes, and response cards with envelopes, so I purchased four boxes. That's a whopping total of $21.12 including tax. When I ran the numbers, the total cost (including postage, mailing envelopes, and direction cards) was well under $100. Unreal.

The invites are:
  1. Off-white card stock with a deep ivory toile floral pattern.
  2. A vellum overlay tied to the card stock with an ivory ribbon.
  3. Sophisticated without being overly formal.
Reasons why these qualities are awesome:
  1. The reception is in a historic manor home that has a very vintage, very French feel to it.
  2. My dress is ivory with an organza overlay and ivory ribbons.
  3. Our wedding is semi-formal.
Seriously, perfect. We budgeted about $400 for invitations but since I have a design background, I can do all of the layout, text, and printing myself. Another added bonus is that I can spend the saved money on a car service!

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