Monday, June 16, 2008

More Treasures

As we clean out my grandparents' house, I find myself crossing more items of my wedding registry plus finding all sorts of neat things to use at our wedding, like these vintage, Waterford champagne glasses:

Vintage Waterford

It's a terrible picture, I know. Anyway, my brother inherited the set of eight and said we could use a couple for our toast. I have no interest in keeping them but am thrilled to be using them at my wedding. With a big smile on his face, my dad handed me this cute little number:

Teeny Tiny!

It sat on my grandmother's knick-knack shelf for thirty years. It's so tiny and we are going to use it as a cake topper. I love the expressions on their faces. Hilarious!

As much as I miss my grandparents, it's been nice to find things that I can use at my wedding. While these little details won't mean anything to our guests, it will mean the world to me to have reminders of loved ones past. My mom is even going to give me the knife she and my father used to cut their wedding cake, which was a gift from her parents. So much vintage! So much love.

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